Prayer Focus


You are asked to please remember the following in your prayers ;

parade service spring 2011


The EBA Weekly Prayer focus is here  

Don't forget the prayer in the lounge each Sunday before worship about 10.25am.


For the month of July please remember in your prayers Woodhouse and Shaftesbury Square and Bond Street including our friends at the Mosque.

During August we remember those living and working in St Peter and St Nicholas Streets and Silent Street.

In September we pray for the residents of Foundation and Lower Brook Street, remembering Iceni, Papworth Trust and St Mary’s MIND Centre.

For October we remember the residents and retailers in Tacket Street and Orwell Place, especially our friends at St Pancras.

1-7  July          Remember in prayer those of the church family who will be taking a holiday and our young people in camp.                                 

8-14 July         Pray for Junior Church and their leaders.

15-21 July       Holiday at Home will again take place and we ask that you will pray for the organisers and those        attending.

22-28 July       We think of staff and volunteers with TWAM and all the work involved in loading containers for transit.

29 July -4 Aug We pray for the joint Baptist Evening Services.

5-11 Aug         We remember those who receive food parcels from FIND and those who pack and deliver them.                                          

12-18 Aug       As the Chapman Centre seeks to meet the needs of the homeless please pray for the staff.

19-25 Aug       We pray for our outreach to the local community and for opportunities to serve.

26 Aug-1 Sept Remember Neil and his family in prayer as we prepare for his induction.

2-8 Sept          As our young people return to school and college we ask that God will be with them, particularly thinking of those starting new schools.

9-15 Sept        As we join our friends in the other URC churches in the South Suffolk Area Partnership for morning worship we  pray for God’s blessing.

16-22 Sept      In this season of Harvest we remember those subsistence farmers throughout the world.

23-29 Sept      We pray that more people will join the Emmaus Bible Study Groups as we study Walking the Way.

30 Sept-6 Oct  As Thursday Forum restarts we pray that this may be a good opportunity for outreach.

7-13 Oct          We ask that our prayer life will develop at Prayer Breakfast and the evening group.

14-20 Oct        We pray for Friday lunches and ask that all who come will enjoy fellowship together.

21-27 Oct        Remember in prayer our young people who enjoy friendship at Coffee Talk in the Cult Cafe on the University campus.