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You are asked to please remember the following in your prayers ;

Prayer Calendar for November

5th November

As we approach Remembrance Day, we remember all those who have lost their lives in wars.  We pray for peace and reconciliation as wars and conflict continue to seriously affect many lives around the world.  We pray for all those grieving the loss of loved ones.  Friday 10th November is a UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development.  May the many debates and discussions that will take place on this day play a significant part in all nations working towards peace.

‘I will hold the Christ-light for you in the night-time of your fear; I will hold my hand out to you, speak the peace you long to hear.’ 

12th November

Monday 13th November is World Kindness Day which offers an opportunity to focus upon and highlight good deeds in the community and common threads of kindness.  We pray for all those who so naturally show kindness and care towards others and may we all remember the value of sharing a smile even with those whom we do not know.  November 13th – 17th is also anti-bullying week with the theme of ‘Make a noise about bullying’.  Many schools will be focusing on this and we pray that this will help to promote stronger friendships and an improvement in attitude between children and young people in particular. 

‘I will weep when you are weeping; when you laugh I’ll laugh with you; I will share your joy and sorrow till we’ve seen this journey through.’


19th November

We pray for leaders around the world – leaders in positions of power and responsibilities, running Governments.  May they have the courage needed to stand up for what is right and to lead their country wisely.  We pray for leaders in all our churches, that there may be harmony between different faiths. 

‘We are pilgrims in a journey and companions on the road; we are here to help each other walk the mile and share the load.’

26th November

Our Church Meeting includes an AGM.  We pray for guidance and wisdom as we consider many aspects of the work of the church.  We pray for each other at Christ Church and think especially of those who are sad, worried or concerned in any way.

‘Brother, sister, let me serve you. Let me be as Christ to you; pray that I may have the grace to let you be my servant too.’ 


Prayer Calendar for December

3 December

Each year on 1 December the world commemorates World AIDS Day when people unite to show support for people living with HIV and to remember those who have died from AIDS related illnesses.  Dear Lord, We pray for all those affected by HIV AIDS and that progress towards goals, which have stalled in recent years due to lack of resources, may continue to reduce the number of lives at risk.  God of love, we are all your children. Free us from traditions and prejudices that deny the full humanity of other people. Help us to support each other in love, to stand together for justice.  In Jesus’ name.   Amen

10 December

Dear Lord and Father   This week we offer our gifts to those most in need – in our community, further afield and worldwide. In all our giving may we also send our love to those who are struggling to find enough food for their families, to heat their homes and provide essentials.  We pray that our small contributions will show these families that we care, and help them to enjoy the festive season. We pray too for the work of SARS saving lives in the most difficult situations. Be with them as they care for those suffering severe trauma and bless their work.  We ask for your blessing too on our giving to Christian Aid, which works across the world wherever there is need.

17 December

Jesus, Light of the World, there is nowhere your light cannot shine. We think of places where hate seems to have the upper hand, praying that love and light may become evident and bring hope and change. We pray that we may find ways to share love and encouragement with all those we meet. We pray for God’s blessing on our Christingle and Candlelit Services today.

‘All out of darkness we have light, which made the angels sing this night; ‘Glory to God, on earth be peace, goodwill to all shall never cease.’

24 December

We thank you, dear Lord, that we are able to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and we have the freedom to lift our voices in praise and thanksgiving. We share with our fellow Christians across the world giving thanks and worshipping with awe and wonder at His great gift to us this Christmastime.

  ‘God is with us’: round the world the message bring,  He is with us; ‘Welcome’ all the bells on earth are peeling.



Prayer Calendar for January

These prayers have been written by Junior Church

7th January

It's New Year and we pray for our church to thrive and grow this year, and for good health for our congregation.  Help us to show other people your love so that they can see your light shining through us.

14th January

The weather is cold and we pray for those who don't have a safe, warm home to live in. We pray for people who are homeless and the people who were flooded out of their homes in the autumn storms.  We hope that they will soon have somewhere nice to live.

21st January

We think about Holocaust Memorial Day and we pray especially for all children caught up in conflict around the world.  Be with them Lord.  We think of children who can't go to school for so many different reasons: danger, war, not being able to afford books and uniform, needing to stay home and work, or simply not being allowed to, like the girls in Afghanistan.  Thank you for our schools and teachers, and the opportunities we have for education.

28th January

Today is World Leprosy Day.  Jesus healed people with leprosy and loved them when no-one else would be near them.  We pray for people with leprosy and all the families affected by it.  New training for doctors and nurses is starting and we pray that many people will come forward to learn how to care for people with leprosy.


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