Prayer Focus

You are asked to please remember the following in your prayers ;


Prayer Calendar for June


5th June:  We pray for God’s blessings on Neil and his family as he commences his two month sabbatical.

This Sunday,  the Platinum Pageant takes place in London. We pray for our Queen, as she continues to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee year, that she may be given protection and strength to be able to enjoy all the festivities in her honour.


12th June:  We pray for all children and young people who are taking exams at this time. We hold in our prayers all those children around the world who are denied an education. We remember the girls in Afghanistan who have recently had their secondary schools closed down by the Taliban at short notice.


19th June: We pray for FIND, as the need for food ever increases and for families here in Ipswich who are really struggling every day with little income and increasing food and fuel costs.


26th June: We give thanks to God for all His provision, for the warmth of Summer and for  all the opportunities this season gives us.