Prayer Focus


You are asked to please remember the following in your prayers ;

July  In our prayers we remember the Eastern Synod of the URC.

August  Pray for the Eastern Baptist Association.

September  We remember the South Suffolk Area Partnership in our prayers.

October  We pray for Baptist Home Mission and Baptist Missionary Society.

30 June–6 July Remember our Junior Church and their leaders.

7-13 July         Pray for our Holiday at Home and those who will lead it.

14-20 July       As Holiday at Home concludes with Songs of Praise we remember all those who have enjoyed fellowship together.

21-27 July       Remember our Prayer Leaders and those who regularly pray together.

28 July  -3 Aug Pray for all in residential care and those who find it difficult to come to worship on Sunday.

4-10 Aug         We pray for the children attending Fit & Fed and those who provide activity and meals.       

11-17 Aug       We remember the work of FIND and think of Those who are in need of food parcels.

18-24 Aug       Pray for our pastoral visitors and the pastoral support given by our Minister.                       

25 Aug-31 Sept As our young people prepare to return to school we pray for them and their teachers.

1-7 Sept          Pray for our Prayer Walk as we remember those living and working in our community.

8-14 Sept        We remember Janet Souster working in Mali.

15-21 Sept      MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) is our current project and we pray for the pilots who fly in difficult circumstances.

22-28 Sept      As we prepare to give thanks for Harvest we remember our Farmers and producers.

29 Sept-5 Oct  We pray for Thursday Forum as it starts a new series.

4-12 Oct          We pray for our uniformed organisations and their leaders.

13-19 Oct        Remember our Middle Group as they join together in social activities.

20-26 Oct        Pray for the work of TWAM and all the volunteers.

27-2 Nov         As we prepare to meet our community we ask God’s blessing on this event.